The Story

Erosion is a small, family run & owned maker of deliciousness. Erosion started in 2019 with our first harvest, and our Tap Room opened in February 2020. Then… well, you know what happened. Our first releases are canned wine that reflect the amazing flavors of Napa Valley. We’re now putting our most amazing wines into bottle, and we’ve added a brewery & creamery.


We like to say Napa Valley wouldn’t exist without erosion.  In the course of 180 million years, Napa Valley went from being under the ocean, to a volcanic wasteland, to rock folding and pushing its way to create the beautiful Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges with the valley in between, to thousands of years of being eroded by water and wind.  The end result is a place of extraordinary diversity geologically speaking, and this is reflected in the quality and range of flavors that come from the wines grown and made here. Those alluvial fans underneath the most prized vineyards in Napa Valley? Yep, caused by erosion. Erosion is partly responsible for the diversity of flavors we’ll achieve in our creations.

Erosion also has a meaning from a cultural standpoint.  What we love doing is breaking the boundaries between different fermented beverages, giving ourselves the freedom to create flavors & experiences that perhaps otherwise wouldn’t exist.