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    Sparkler Machine - Napa Valley Fizzy White Wine

    Tasting Note: “Like a dry, fizzy pineapple whip”

    Format: Three 250mL can packs = 750mL

    Varietals: 43% Sauvignon Blanc, 43% Chardonnay, 14% Sémillon 

    AVA: Napa Valley

    ABV: 14%

    Production Notes: Carbonation levels of approximately 5.4 grams per liter (equivalent to 2.75 volumes of Co2). Cold stabilized at 28F for 4 weeks.  Unfined and unfiltered.

    Personal Notes: This is a dry, refreshing wine that hits the spot after a long, hot day. Sure, it’s complex and worthy of savoring, but something about it makes me want another sip immediately after I just had a sip. I’m reluctant to admit I’ve guzzled it straight from the can. I don’t suggest doing this, but it felt good at the time.  Patrick Rue

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