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    Boys Just Want To Have Fun - 10L Keg

    We think it tastes like "eating pomegranate in a cigar factory."

    This intense blend reminds Patrick of a big, smoky, earthy Syrah.  Hell, there's no Syrah in this at all!  So weird.  Whatever, we know you're going to dig it.

    This 10 liter keg is the volume equivalent to 13.3 bottles of wine, or about 67 five ounce servings of wine.  The keg type is a KeyKeg, which has its own coupler which you'll need to hook up to an existing kegerator.  Since this is a red wine, we recommend storing the keg in your wine cellar or a cool place in your home, and purchasing our Keg Tapping Device.

    Vintage 62% 2018, 38% 2017
    Varietal Composition 60% Merlot, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Malbec
    Appellation Napa Valley
    Alcohol 15.00%
    Wine Style Red Blend
    Volume 10 Liters

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