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    You're So Pretty - Napa Valley Fizzy White Wine w/ Cherries

    Tasting Note: “Strawberry shortcake towel drying her hair with cinnamon toast under the watermelon sunshine.”

    Format: Four 250mL can packs = 1L (33% more than a bottle!)

    Varietal: 100% Chardonnay

    AVA: Los Carneros, Napa Valley

    ABV: 14.5%

    Additions: Freeze dried sour cherries

    Production Notes: Carbonation levels of approximately 5.8 grams per liter (equivalent to 3 volumes of Co2).  Unfined and unfiltered.  The cherries were placed into mesh bags and put into the wine for approximately 30 days.  This extracted cherry flavor, which is well integrated into the wine with a hint of cinnamon flavor that naturally comes from the cherries.  It added bit of color to make this wine a beautiful rose gold, similar to the appearance of a rosé from Provence.  We can’t legally call it a rosé, so we won’t.  A small amount of tartrates may appear at the bottom of the can if the wine is stored below 40F for more than a week or so.  We like to call them “flavor crystals”, so yummy!

    Personal Notes: Having two different sparkling wines in cans in my fridge at all times has spoiled me.  A good day is when my toughest decision is choosing between these two wines. They both fit into the “refreshing” column, but they are quite a bit different from each other.  You’re So Pretty is bigger in flavor, as the cherries lend fruit & spice notes that integrate so well with the wine, yet are totally foreign in wine.  Mind blown. Rachel Rue

    The Name: When Charlotte wants to get on her Mom’s good side, she sits in her lap, runs her sticky fingers through Rachel’s hair, and in a high pitched, almost mocking voice says “You’re So Pretty!” Sometimes she says it softly & slowly and draws it out for sincerity, and other times sounds like a high school cheerleader from Canoga Park (“You’re Suh Prutaaayyyy!”)

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