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    CRUED - Cut One - Napa Valley Red Wine Blend

    Tasting Note: “It's like watching Full House on mute while blaring death metal. It doesn't have to make sense to feel good.”

    Format:Four 250mL cans = 1L (33% more than a bottle!)

    Varietal: 69% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Petite Sirah, 10% Malbec, 8% Syrah

    AVA: Napa Valley

    ABV: 15%

    Production Notes: Unfined and unfiltered.  What else would you expect?  This is the first "cut" of CRUED, our evolving red wine blend.  This is a big, bold wine with smooth tannins... and it's fun to drink.  We blend CRUED loosely in the solera tradition, where after we package a "cut" of wine, we hold back a portion of the wine to blend with a future wine.  Every cut of CRUED contains a portion of every previous CRUED blend.

    Personal Notes: This is our side project where we put ourselves on the tightrope of balancing deliciousness and value.  We don't think delicious, artisanal wine needs to be expensive.  I'm super excited about maintaining a solera-style blend for this wine in that it'll provide a common thread through each version of the wine, but allow for the wine to evolve with each release.

    The Name: CRUED is a mindset that allows one to be themselves without considering what others think about them. This is a bombastic, delicious wine lacking all subtlety, while the packaging strays about as far as one can go in fine wine.  The misspelling allows us to get our family name (Rue) in there, too. 

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