Let's Dig In

    Let us tell you a story.  Based on facts from real life, but embellished a bit.

    Our rock star team who make it all possible.

    Ya know... sometimes we have something interesting to say.

    We love it when people have nice things to say about us.  Or really anything to say about us.

    Let's Get Personal.

    What's Behind the Name? Erosion Name Dropper Charlotte Rue Explains "You're So Pretty"

    Charlotte is our clever and talented and all-around awesome Name Dropper here at Erosion Wine Co. The hilarious and sometimes profound statements that spew from her mouth are seemingly endless, or at least we all hope they're endless. Outside of her professional life, Charlotte excels at spelling, and math is her favorite course of study.

    Watch and learn how she came up with the name for our mighty tasty fizzy white wine (that's infused with cherries so we like to call it a rosé); "You're So Pretty."


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