Let's Dig In

    Let us tell you a story.  Based on facts from real life, but embellished a bit.

    Our rock star team who make it all possible.

    Ya know... sometimes we have something interesting to say.

    We love it when people have nice things to say about us.  Or really anything to say about us.

    Let's Get Personal.

    Need a Holiday Shutdown, Pick-Me-Up? Come Down to Our Taproom For Some Seasonal Hot Wines!

    Here's our first line-up:

    "Serious Berlin Fog" - Our take on a traditional German Glühwein infused with a touch of tangerine zest. AKA Serious Brain Fog.

    "Caliente Cocovino" - Our version of a Mexican Hot Chocolate, but with wine. We added a hint of spice--not boring pumpkin latte kind of spice; we mean the kind that will kick your a$$ (you'll thank us later).

    "You're So Hot" - This consists of our "You're So Pretty" Chardonnay base with added citrus and mint. It reminds us of a hot lemonade or a warm honey mead. Yum.

    Visit us in St. Helena at 1234 Main Street (masked of course, silly), pick up your fave, and enjoy it (socially distanced) right outside our door at the beautiful, new Hunt Ave. Hub.

    See. you there!

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